Sports are the integral part of learning, we endeavour to inspire and motivate our students through sports. Our goals in sports are to promote health and well being by improving strength, flexibility and endurance. We provide opportunities for students with facilities for skating, cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, table tennis, chess and more to give them the strength and vigour to take the challenges and celebrate victory.

Cultural Events

Understanding the culture of a nation, people or group the arts, beliefs, customs, practices, values and social behaviour lies at the heart of Ravindra Bharathi. By organizing the cultural events, a student experiences first hand, the diverse offerings of cultural and artistic expressions found in a community. "Since we believe education cannot happen just at school- it must go beyond the walls of the class room". Watching a play performed is quite a different experience than reading a play from the book. Ravindra Bharathi students are encouraged to organize and participate in a wide variety of cultural events. We expect that after attending a cultural event, a student must write a reflective piece about the experience.

Field Trips

Students can learn more about the world and how to interact with others. When they leave the sheltered environment of the classroom, social skills are also enriched when they go out. So venturing into the public allows children to be exposed to different situations. This is the motive behind our field trips.

Activity Based Learning

Activity based learning is the basis of the academic methodology at RBGS. The learning environment draws a link with real life experiences.

Co-curricular Activities

At RBGS, we encourage students to involve in numerous activities which suit their abilities. We offer guidance and the needed resources for our students in activities like Musical Training, Training in various Dance forms, coaching in Sports and Games, Martial Arts, Painting and other creative arts etc.

Extra Curricular Activities

The one and only way to enhance children"s standing with their peers and improve self-esteem. It gets blood flowing to the brain, sharpening concentration. Activities benefit students academically, students learn character building lessons that they can apply in their studies and to their lives. Activities such as athletics, music and theatre teach students how to discipline themselves through drills, practices, or rehearsals. These activities give them pride in their accomplishments.


At RBGS, we train students right from childhood to experience various cultures through religious festivals and develop tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect for communities that pave way for harmonious social living.