About School

Ravindra Bharathi is renowned for its excellence in education, and prides itself on being a large family of 70,000 (students) where children are treated as individuals. Ravindra Bharathi has always enjoyed the reputation as "one amongst the best" institutions in Andhra Pradesh, where every pearl picked out is given required attention. The school is the most important factor in shaping the future of every child. Ravindra Bharathi is an idyllic place for children to grow and develop. The curriculum at Ravindra Bharathi is specially designed for international requirement that provides many experiences through activities, excursions and sports. Fundamental to its success is the strong belief that every child is a unique individual with different needs. We ensure that we combine challenging and enriching experience with academic vigour and creative opportunities. We offer a unique environment where all students are motivated to fully develop their talent and skills. Ravindra Bharathi firmly believes that beyond love, education is the most important gift a parent can give to their children. It has always been a canvas for the children to paint the colours of their culture and custom. All individuals are nurtured to achieve the success with their full potential. We strive for academic excellence for all students.

Mission Statement

Activity based learning is the basis of the academic methodology at RBGS. The learning environment draws a link with real life experiences.

Structure of our School :

Kindergarten Section
  • Nursery Group : 2 1/2 years +
  • PP I : 3 years +
  • PP II : 4 years +
Primary Section
  • Grades I to III : 5 years to 7 years +
Middle School Section
  • Clear medical instructions for Special Cases
Secondary Section
  • Grades IV to VI : 8 years to 10 + years
  • Grade VII onwards : 11 + years onwards
About School